RBI Baseball 3 - Version 2005!

Download it now (ZIP, 87 kb)

For those of you who'd like to take a swing as such great current players as Manny Ramirez and Andruw Jones, or bring the heat as Roger Clemens or Randy Johnson - or perhaps aggravate your free-swinging friends by pitching as Tim Wakefield - but aren't patient enough to learn the fancy new baseball games: this is for you! (Yes, it even has Mr. Steroids... er... Bonds) The classic old RBI Baseball 3, completely updated so you can relive the 2005 season or the playoffs of 2002-2004, in all its 8-bit glory!

The team selection screen has been re-programmed to allow for selection of any of the 30 current Major League teams.

Lineups reflect the 2005 season, with all of your favorite players. Well, as many of them as I could fit in... :-P

Original RBI die-hards might prefer the old game, but the gameplay of the RBI 2/3 series - unchanged in this edition - is far more realistic than in RBI Baseball. Most importantly, it has room for all 30 teams. Just in case there really are any Devil Rays fans out there.

This RBI "hack" has been tested on Nesticle and FCE Ultra, two of the most popular NES emulators out there. But if you have trouble with it, or find an error in the player data, be sure and let me know!

Play ball!

Download it now (ZIP, 87 kb)

2005 Batter Data (Excel, 76 kb)

2005 Batter Data (CSV, 16 kb)
For this one, Right-click and "Save target as..." to download
Be sure to save it with a .csv extension, not .htm

Thanks to...

NightWulf - RBI expert help
Matthew Holm - Suggestions, testing
Rob Neyer - Suggestion for pitcher scouting info source

Software/Data I used:
XVI32 - hex editor
GoldFinger - hex editor with translation table support
Nesticle - emulator
FCE Ultra - emulator/debugger
MLB.com - statistics
2005 Scouting Notebook - Pitcher scouting